Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok so here's another post dedicated to a short-lived, obscure 90's skate brand.This time i'll be nerding out over Forties, the Deluxe-backed clothing company that at one point or another had John Cardiel,Julien Stranger,Tommy Gurerro,Bobby Puleo,Karma Tsocheff,Ray Barbee,Ethan Fowler,Sean Young and even Jerry Hsu riding for them. I'd say they should bring it back but it would never be as cool.Not even if they made Ethan shave his head and start wearing Dickies again.Although that would be awesome.
I do think if they did come back Alex Olson,Anthony Pappalardo and Dennis Businetz would fit in with their vibe pretty well, although they'd never be able to get them away from their current high paying clothing sponsers.Ok this is starting to sound like some fantasy league shit now.Go bomb some hills.

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